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Trike drifting - drifting downhill in high speed. It originates in New Zealand and is sweeping around the world. Are you ready to experience how crazy it is?
Recumbent trikes are excellent fitness equipments. You can ride it faster than traditional trikes!

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LEARN about trikes
What is drift trike
Saftey of drift trike
Drift Trike for kids - a great gift
How to select recumbent trike
Recumbent trike VS upright trike

Kindle eBOOKs
about trikes
Kindle ebook - Teach your kids bicycling in 24Hours Or Less Kindle ebook - Teach your kids bicycling in 24Hours Or Less

about trikes
DVD - How To Choose The Best Trike For You How To Choose The Best Trike For You

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Drift Trikes (Adults)
Bike Rassine Underworld Drift Trike
Professional drift trike with ergonomic design.
  • Professional drift trike with ergonomic design.

  • Double down tube to absorb shock and vibration.

  • Strong steel frame for superior durability.

  • Stop flex Hi Ten fork.

  • Changeable rear slick drifting wheels with high speed bearings (ABEC-5).

    Drift Trikes (Kids)
    Razor FlashRider 360
    For age 5 years and up.
  • Drifts and spins the same as the perious generation RipRider 360 but now with a fun new Spark Bar.

  • The sparks fly by a spark bar lever.

  • Extra new sparking feature to the classic family favorite kids drift trike.

  • Dual inclined rear caster wheels allow resistance-free spinning and sliding action.

  • Double crown fork design and durable steel frame.

  • MX-Style handlebars with rubber grips

    Recumbent Trikes (Adults Tadpole Type)
    Performer JC-20 30 Speed Recumbent Trike
    Hard shell seat with head rest
  • Colors: green, yellow, silver, orange, blue, black, red, purple.

  • 30-speed for conquering uphills and down.

  • Hard shell seat and head rest for maximized power transfer.

  • Equiped with Truvativ Elita, Shimano Tiagra and Microshift components.

  • Luxury style.

    HOTTEST trikes of the week

    Drift Trikes (Adults)
    Huffy 20 inch Slider Boys

    Drift Trikes (Kids)
    The Original Big Wheel Rider Racer 16"
    For age 5 - 8 years.
  • For kids of age 5-8 or up to 80 lbs.

  • Adjustable 16 inch front wheel.

  • Low center of gravity makes it safer than standard trikes.

  • Sturdy frame.

    Recumbent Trikes (Adults Tadpole Type)
    TerraTrike Rambler GT Recumbent Trike
    27-speed, direct steering, lightweight.
  • Superior stability.

  • 27-speed drivetrain.

  • Lightweight frame.

  • Direct steering with multiple gearing options.

  • High seat for convenient on and off.

  • Glossy style.

  • Curvaceous tubing.

  • Free assembly.

    Recumbent Trikes (Kids Tadpole Type)
    KMX Kompact for Kids
    For children 32-41" tall.
  • For kids of height 32-41".

  • Strong frame and low maintenance.

  • Low center of gravity for high stability.

  • Adjustable 11.5cm sliding front boom fits wide range of rider height.

  • Self-adjusting chain tensioner.

  • Direct steering for quick response.

  • Hardshell bucket seat adjustable to multiple angle, with 15cm sliding adjustment.

  • Oversized glide pulley for smooth chain motion.

  • Quick and simple assembly.

    Recumbent Trikes (Adults Delta Type)
    Mobo Triton Pro Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser
    Fits riders of height 4'2" to 6'3".
  • Recumbent-style design reduces stress on shoulders and arms.

  • Adjustable frame fits riders of height 4'2" to 6'3".

  • Low center of gravity for stability.

  • Safety flag for optimal visibility.

  • Unique steering system for increasing cardiovascular function.

  • Enhances hand and eye coordination.

  • Train arm and leg muscle.

    Recumbent Trikes (Kids Delta Type)
    Mobo Mobito Cruise in Style
    For kids 3' - 4'8" tall.
  • Fit kids of height 3' - 4'8".

  • Max. weight capacity 180 lbs.

  • Adjustable frame lenght from 43" to 48"

  • 4-angle adjustable seat back (45, 57, 63, 70 degrees).

  • Auto steering alignment.

  • 12" rear wheels, 16" front wheel.

    INTRODUCTION to trikes

    Trikes are not for kids only! There are trikes for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults of various purpose.

    Adult and Kids Drift Trikes Adult and Kids Drift Trikes

    Drift trike - Drifting along downhill public road in high speed! It is sweeping around the world and riders are crazy for it. Want to experience how crazy it is? See here .
    We have also drift trikes for your kids. They will love spinning very much.

    Toddlers Trikes Toddlers Trikes

    Trikes enhance toddler's hand-eye coordination. It is a perfect gift for them in birthday and Christmas.

    Kids Trikes Kids Trikes

    Trikes train kid's arm and leg muscle and get them doing exercise outdoor happily. No doubt trike is a must-have toy for kids.

    Kids Trikes Innovative Ride-on Sports

    Bored with your bike, scooter or skateboard? Let's try some new ride-on sports. Innovation is unlimited.

    Adults Trikes Adults Trikes

    No more petrol for getting around. Adult trikes are nature-friendly vehicles for fun, entertainment and handy transportation.

    Recumbent Trikes Recumbent Trikes

    Recumbent trikes are popular in the fitness world. It is a low-seat trike and allows you to sit in a relaxed posture You can ride it faster than traditional upright trike.

    Electric Trikes Electric Trikes

    Getting around the town is a breeze with an electric trike. Twist the throttle and go effortlessly, or pedal on demand.

    Electric Trikes Trike Safety Gears

    Be sure to put on safety gears for your kids before cycling, or for your own before riding the drift trike. You can leart about safety precautions of trike drifting here.

    Electric Trikes Trike Accessories

    Wanna have more fun with your trike, or enhance your trike's usability? Let's look for some interesting trike accessories for it.

    TIPS for trikes

    Crazy drift trike
    Trike drifting means crazy drifting along downhill public road. It is an exciting game and is getting more popular around the world. Want to learn more? Click here.

    Do you know a kids drift trike with sparking at the back?
    Razor Flash Rider 360 is the next generation of Razor Rip Rider 360. It has a spark bar installed and to be engaged by a lever. See the video here.

    Be prepared before trike drifting
    Riders of drift trkes usually drift in high speed, so you need a full set of safety gear, including helmet, glove and pads. There are saftey precautions you must know before trike drifting, see here.

    Kids drift trike earned the Parentsí Choice award
    Razor Rip Rider 360 was recommended in parents and parenting magazines as the best toy for 2009. Want to buy a birthday or christmas gift for your kids? Pick it here.

    Toddlers trike earned the creative toy awards 2010
    Smart Trike DX 3-In-1 Kids Tricycle earned numbers of awards from 2009 - 2010. It has 3 configurations which fits toddler and kids from 10m to 24m+ of different growing stage. No doubt that it is the best choice for your baby. Pick it here.

    LEARN about trikes

    What is drift trike?
    Drift trike originates in New Zealand. Drift tikes are similar to kidís tricycles, but stronger in frame and have two sliding wheels at the back. Front wheel is usually standard bike wheel with a brake and pedals. ... read more

    Safety of drift trike
    Riders of drift trikes usually go in high speed downhill on public roads. Accidents cannot be predicted while enjoying that crazy game. In order to prevent serious hurt, donít forget about safety when you are having fun on your drift trike. ... read more

    Drift Trike for kids - a great gift
    Most parents have the experience that their kids get bored with their toys in an hour. Kids like to buy new toys, but new toys were usually put in toy box very soon and unattended. It brings headache for parents - what to buy for kids as birthday or Christmas gift? If you are going to buy kids a wonderful and lasting gift, drift trike is a perfect choice. ... read more

    How to select a recumbent trike
    Recumbent trikes are popular fitness equiments and made change in the fitness world. It is a trike of low seat which allows you to sit in a relaxed posture, and to ride faster than conventional upright trike. ... read more

    Recumbent trike VS upright trike
    To choose between recumbent trike and upright trike, it depends on how you use it. They are of different usages and have great difference in features. Upright trike is in traditional design and is used for general purpose, while recumbent trike is a sport equiment which created waves in the fitness field. ... read more

    Drift Trikes are not adults' game only, but also for kids. It is a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for your kids.
    Recumbent Trikes is designed for riding in high speed. It held the world record of bicycle speed.

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